Specializing in UI/UX, typography,
packaging, and layout design.



10-day UI challenge

Day 1: Sign up

This is the sign-up layout I created for a Dreamer reader app. Upon registration, you'll be prompted to provide essential details, enabling the app to deliver personalized insights about your dreams.

Day2: Credit Card checkout

This UI design facilitates credit card checkout on a gadgets website, providing clear guidance on the necessary fields while ensuring visibility of your cart contents to prevent errors in your purchase.

Day 3: Landing page

This UI design showcases the landing page for Sprout, optimized for both desktop and mobile screens. Recognizing the significance of a landing page, I've designed it to exude freshness and warmth, effectively communicating how Sprout can benefit its customers.

Day 4: Calculator

This is the design for a calculator app on a mobile screen with a very friendly look and easy-to-use functions. It showcases two versions, day and night, so users can switch to whichever one they prefer.

Day 5: App icon

I created the app icon design for a Bakery, featuring hand-drawn typography for a personal touch. The design focuses on readability and recognition, using primarily two main colors: white and purple.

Day 6: User profile and settings

Presenting the UI design for a savings app, characterized by its modern and minimalist aesthetic, aimed at providing users with the simplest and most intuitive interaction experience.

Day 7: 404 error

As this topic is quite captivating, I aim to transform this dull page into something engaging by incorporating illustrations and typography that align with the theme of the website I intend to create.

Day 8: Music player

I'm focusing on creating a design tailored for young audiences, aiming for a modern and vibrant look that unmistakably conveys the essence of a music app. The design will incorporate contemporary visual elements and lively colors to appeal directly to the target demographic I’m leaning towards , making it clear at first glance that it's dedicated to music.

Day 9: Social share

This is the UI design I created for a project sharing modal, designed to be incredibly easy for users to set up.

Day 10: Flash message

This design showcases the flash message for a recipe app on a mobile screen, indicating the success or failure of uploading a recipe. It features a highly recognizable illustration integrated with informative details.